MPRI Concurrency Course (Concurrence) (number 2-3) 2004-2005: Agenda




[2005-01] MPRI 2004/2005 Internship in the MOSCOVA group, INRIA Rocquencourt: ``High level languages for distributed programming --- middleware and subtyping''.


Pierre-Louis CURIEN
Jean-Jacques LVY


As of 2004-11-30, all courses will take place on Thursdays, 12.30-15.30, in room 6C1 of Chevaleret.

1 2004-09-30 Thursday LVY shared memory: atomicity; operational semantics [Pdf, Pdf4]
2 2004-10-07 Thursday LVY shared memory: readers and writers; dining philosophers [Pdf, Pdf4]
3 2004-10-12! Tuesday! Room 0D07 CURIEN CCS: syntax and transitions, coinduction [Pdf, Pdf4]
2004-10-14 Thursday no course
4 2004-10-21 Thursday CURIEN CCS: scoping, weak and strong bisimulations [Pdf, Pdf4]
5 2004-10-28 Thursday CURIEN CCS: examples, and axiomatization [Pdf, Pdf4]
6 2004-11-04 Thursday CURIEN CCS: unique solutions; Hennessy-Milner logic [Pdf, Pdf4]
2004-11-11 Thursday no course
7 2004-11-16! Tuesday! Room 0D07 LEIFER pi-calculus: syntax; reduction semantics; examples (polyadicity in terms of monadicity, synchronous in terms of asynchronous); labelled transitions; examples; strong bisimulation [cours7.pdf, cours7.4.pdf, exercises7.pdf]
2004-11-18 Thursday no course
8 2004-11-25 Thursday LEIFER pi-calculus: sum, process abstrations, data structures, bisimulation proofs [cours8.pdf, cours8.4.pdf (both include the exercises)]
9 2004-12-02 Thursday; Room 6C1 LEIFER pi-calculus: bisimulation ``up to'', why bisimulation is not a congruence, barbed bisimulation [cours9.pdf, cours9.4.pdf (both include the exercises)]
10 2004-12-09 Thursday LEIFER pi-calculus: [cours10.pdf, cours10.4.pdf; answers (at the end): ans10.pdf ]
11 2004-12-16 Thursday PALAMIDESSI pi-calculus: expressivity hierarchy of the pi family. Part I. [lectures11_12.ppt; lectures11_12.pdf]
2004-12-23 Thursday no course
2004-12-30 Thursday no course
12 2005-01-06 Thursday PALAMIDESSI pi-calculus: expressivity hierarchy of the pi family. Part II. [lectures11_12.ppt; lectures11_12.pdf]
13 2005-01-13 Thursday PALAMIDESSI probabilistic methods in concurrency [lecture13.ppt; lecture13.pdf]
14 2005-01-20 Thursday GOUBAULT models of processes: true concurrency
15 2005-01-27 Thursday GOUBAULT models of processes: Petri nets, event structures, asynchronous transitions
16 2005-02-03 Thursday GOUBAULT models of processes: others
17 2005-02-10 Thursday all exercises
18 2005-02-17 Thursday exam

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