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B.5  Classes, Packages and Page Styles

B.5.1  Document Class

Both LATEX 2є \documentclass and old LATEX \documentstyle are accepted. Their argument style is interpreted by attempting to load a style.hva file. Presently, only the style files article.hva, seminar.hva, book.hva and report.hva exist, the latter two being equivalent.

If one of the recognized styles has already been loaded at the time when \documentclass or \documentstyle is executed, then no attempt to load a style file is made. This allows to override the document style file by giving one of the four recognized style files of HEVEA as a command line argument (see 2.2).

Conversely, if HEVEA attempt to load style.hva fails, then a fatal error is flagged, since it can be sure that the document cannot be processed.

B.5.2  Packages and Page Styles

HEVEA reacts to \usepackage[options]{pkg} in the following way:

  1. The whole \usepackage command with its arguments gets echoed to the image file (see 6).
  2. HEVEA attempt to load file pkg.hva, (see section C.1.1.1 on where HEVEA searches for files).

Note that HEVEA will not fail if it cannot load pkg.hva and that no warning is issued in that case.

The HEVEA distribution contains implementations of some packages, such as verbatim, colors, graphics, etc.

In some situations it may not hurt at all if HEVEA does not implement a package, for instance HEVEA does not provide an implementation for the fullpage package.

Users needing an implementation of a package that is widely used and available are encouraged to contact the author. Experienced users may find it fun to attempt to write package implementations by themselves.

B.5.3  The Title Page and Abstract

All title related commands exist, with the following peculiarities:

The abstract environment is present is all base styles, including the book style. The titlepage environment does nothing.

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