MPRI Concurrency Course (Concurrence) (number 2-3) 2005-2006: Agenda




Roberto AMADIO
Jean-Jacques LVY


All courses will take place on Wednesdays, 16.15-19.15, in room 1C06 of Chevaleret.

1 2005-09-28 Catuscia Shared memory: atomicity, examples [pdf,pdf4]
2 2005-10-05 Catuscia and Jean-Jacques Shared memory: verification, report on Ariane 501 [pdf,pdf4]
3 2005-10-12 Catuscia CCS: syntax and transitions, equivalences [pdf,pdf4]
4 2005-10-19 Catuscia CCS: Simulation and bisimulation. Coinduction [pdf,pdf4]
5 2005-10-26 Catuscia CCS: Up-to bisimulation. Weak bisimulation. Axiomatizations. Examples [pdf,pdf4]
6 2005-11-02 James pi-calculus: syntax; reduction semantics; examples (polyadicity in terms of monadicity, synchronous in terms of asynchronous); labelled transitions; examples; strong bisimulation [pdf, pdf4]
7 2005-11-09 James pi-calculus: sum, process abstrations, data structures, bisimulation proofs [pdf, pdf4]
8 2005-11-16 Francesco pi-calculus: contextual equivalence and bisimilarity [pdf]
9 2005-11-23 review
10 2005-11-30 first exam [pdf] (solutions below)
11 2005-12-07 James pi-calculus: up to techniques [pdf, pdf4]
12 2005-12-14 Roberto A roundtrip from pi-calculus to synchronous languages. [pdf]
2005-12-21 vacation
2005-12-28 vacation
13 2006-01-04 Jean-Jacques Distributed pi-calculus [cours13.pdf]
14 2006-01-11 Francesco Asynchronous pi-calculus and CCS. Process languages with explicit spatial distribution [pdf]
15 2006-01-18 Eric True concurrency versus interleaving semantics. Event structures and Petri nets as primary examples
16 2006-01-25 Francesco, James Subtyping and bisimulation; solution of the Midterm exam [pdf]
17 2006-02-01 Eric Application to the semantics of CCS
18 2006-02-08 Eric Comparison of the expressiveness of different models
19 2006-02-15 James review [pdf, pdf4]
20 2006-02-22 James final exam (pi-calculus): please do not bring anything but a pen! We will provide all the review notes from the previous week with the exam. [pdf of exam with solutions]

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