John K. Wilkinson

Lithium X 8 2000-11-19 [post] boot, stone, stun
Black Box v1 2000-11-01 [post] pspace, paper, imp, stone
Evil Jedimps 2000-10-26 [post] paper, imp
Return Of The Jedimp 2000-09-28 [post] quick, scan, paper, imp
bla 2000-03-14 [post] clear
Mine v0.3 1999-09-04 [post] stone, stun, scan, other, boot
Freak 1998-05-10 [post] scan, clear, gate, imp, other
Double 1998-04-29 [Redcode Maniacs Tournament (round 9)] vamp, clear, imp, gate, boot, other
Stone Killer 5.22 1998-04-29 [Redcode Maniacs Tournament (round 6)] pspace, clear, other, boot, gate, scan, stun
MyHeremPaper 1998-04-29 [Redcode Maniacs Tournament (round 5)] stone, paper, boot
psych 1998-04-29 [Redcode Maniacs Tournament (round 4)] paper
Paper Killer 2.1 1998-04-29 [Redcode Maniacs Tournament (round 3)] pspace, scan, stun, clear, gate, boot
LP and Feelin' Fine 1998-04-29 [Redcode Maniacs Tournament (round 2)] pspace, clear, boot, vamp, stone, paper, imp
test 1998-04-29 [Redcode Maniacs Tournament (round 1)] pspace, scan, stun, clear, gate, paper
TottiatwaE 1998-04-05 [post] scan, stun, clear, other
tvamp 1998-04-05 [post] vamp, stun, clear
Tungsten 1998-03-13 [post] stone, stun, clear, gate
Evoltmp 88 1996-12-09 [Beppe's tournament round 5] boot, stone, imp
EvolTmp - multi 4 1996-12-09 [Beppe's tournament round 4] stone, imp, boot, clear, gate
Evoltmp 88 1996-12-09 [Beppe's tournament round 3] boot, stone, imp
rimmer 1996-12-09 [Beppe's tournament round 2] scan, stun, clear, gate
evoltmp 1996-12-09 [Beppe's tournament round 1] boot, stone, imp
Da Ziz 1996-07-09 [post] scan, stun, clear, gate
Mirrored Imps 1996-07-07 [Core Warrior 37] imp
Mirrored Imps 1996-07-07 [Core Warrior 37] imp
Hazy Shade II 1996-07-04 [mail] pspace, imp, boot, stone, clear, stun
Land War In Asia 1996-05-25 [post] clear, gate
PleGiMACS II 1996-05-25 [post] boot, scan, gate
Two Pack 1996-04-16 [post] boot, stone, imp, clear
No Prisoners 1996-04-08 [post] boot, scan, stun, clear
U Test 1996-04-04 [post] stone, boot
Storm Shelter 5 1996-04-04 [post] scan, clear, other
Lithium 1996-03-24 [post] boot, stone, stun, clear, gate
Lithium 1996-03-19 [post] boot, stone, stun, clear, gate
Killer 1996-03-19 [post] other
Wow 1996-03-08 [post] imp
SETI 1996-02-23 [post] scan, stun, clear
SETI 1996-02-16 [post] scan, stun, clear
The Really Fast Silk 1996-02-08 [post] imp
John's Paris 1996-01-25 [post] stone, stun, clear
0 for 100 v4 1996-01-24 [post] other
0 for 100 1996-01-23 [post] other
Simple Scissors 1995-12-20 [NSFCWT round 5] clear, stun, gate
Tican 1995-12-20 [NSFCWT round 3] paper, stone
Juliet Storm+Spiral 1995-12-20 [NSFCWT round 3] stone, boot, imp
WhiteSimple 1995-12-20 [NSFCWT round 2] clear, stun
Cthulhu v8 1995-12-20 [NSFCWT round 1] pspace, stone, boot, paper, clear
Armory - A5 1995-12-18 [Core Warrior 9] pspace, stone, imp, stun, boot, clear
WhileAway 1995-11-20 [NSFCWT round 6] other