David Moore

Fire and Ice II 2001-11-27 [post] stone, clear, pspace, boot
S/D Clear 2001-11-17 [post] clear, gate
Airbag Demo 2001-11-11 [post] clear, other
G2 2000-11-17 [post] scan, clear
Process Finder 2000-11-10 [Core Warrior 78] stone, other
Combatra 2000-11-10 [Core Warrior 78] quick, scan, clear, stone, pspace, other
Chihuahua Chalupa 1999-11-02 [post] paper
Starving Hacker 1999-09-05 [post] boot, scan, clear, other
Bird of Prey 1999-08-26 [post] imp
Nightfall 1998-08-13 [post] paper
two pass demo 1998-08-05 [post] stone, stun, clear
Seven Brothers 1998-06-09 [Core Warrior 68] imp
The Fugitive 1998-06-09 [Core Warrior 68] quick, scan, paper, imp
Reinforcements v0.01a beta 1998-05-31 [Ilmari's Mini-Tournament #1] other
The Question 1998-04-29 [Redcode Maniacs Tournament (round 9)] vamp, scan, stone, boot
Mind Writer 1998-04-29 [Redcode Maniacs Tournament (round 8)] pspace, boot, scan, clear
Recycled Bits-- 1998-04-29 [Redcode Maniacs Tournament (round 7)] scan, paper, other, stone, pspace, clear, gate, boot
kill -9 1998-04-29 [Redcode Maniacs Tournament (round 6)] other, boot, clear, gate
Freight Train 1998-04-29 [Redcode Maniacs Tournament (round 5)] imp, stone, quick, scan, boot
The Optimist 1998-04-29 [Redcode Maniacs Tournament (round 4)] pspace, boot, stone, clear, paper, scan, stun
HSA (no decoy) 1998-04-29 [Redcode Maniacs Tournament (round 3)] scan, stun
Snake Pit 1998-04-29 [Redcode Maniacs Tournament (round 2)] vamp, stone, boot
Funky Monks 1998-04-29 [Redcode Maniacs Tournament (round 1)] quick, scan, pspace, paper, boot, clear, gate
Fire and Ice 1998-04-27 [post] paper, pspace, boot, scan, stun, clear, gate
No ties allowed 2 1998-04-20 [post] stone, gate
Killer Bees 1998-03-30 [post] paper
Freight Train v0.2 1998-03-12 [post] imp, stone, quick, scan, boot
pScout 1998-03-01 [post] pspace, vamp
Mind Reader 1998-03-01 [post] pspace, imp, paper, vamp, stun, clear
The DAT Murderer's Trial (Josh Yeager, David Moore) 1998-02-17 [post] stone, gate
One Hop 1998-01-07 [post] scan
Tempest 1998-01-07 [post] stone, paper, boot
4way 1996-12-09 [Beppe's tournament round 5] boot, stone, paper, imp
Interloper 1996-12-09 [Beppe's tournament round 4] imp, stone
Leapfrog 1996-12-09 [Beppe's tournament round 3] quick, scan, stone, paper, clear, gate, boot
Tetraquad 1996-12-09 [Beppe's tournament round 2] paper
Tangle Trap 1996-12-09 [Beppe's tournament round 1] vamp, boot, stun, clear
PacMan 1996-11-19 [mail, mail] boot, stone, clear, stun
2 pt spiral generator 1996-04-10 [post] imp
Stasis 1996-04-09 [post] scan, stun, clear, gate
PacMan v3 1996-04-09 [post] boot, stone, clear, gate, stun