Anders Ivner

Q^2 1996-07-07 [Core Warrior 37] quick, scan
loser 1 1996-04-03 [post] other
handshake 1996-03-18 [post] pspace, other
C I A 1996-03-18 [post, post] boot, stone, clear, stun, gate, other
seventyfive 1996-01-10 [post, Core Warrior 12] stone, clear, stun
black & white 1995-12-20 [NSFCWT round 5, NSFCWT round 8] paper, clear, stun, pspace
kwclear 1995-12-20 [NSFCWT round 3] clear, stun
safeclear 1995-12-20 [NSFCWT round 2] quick, scan, clear
Leprechaun on speed 1995-12-20 [NSFCWT round 1] quick, scan, clear, gate
RingThing2 1995-12-18 [post, NSFCWT round 9] stone, imp, clear, boot
Victory or death 1995-12-02 [post, NSFCWT round 7] pspace, vamp, stun, other
Blizzard 1995-11-20 [NSFCWT round 6] other
Leprechaun deluxe 1995-10-02 [post] stone, scan, stun, clear, boot, gate
Herem/Scimitar (Anders Ivner, Paul Kline) 1995-04-07 [post] stone, clear, gate
Fast Factors 5 1993-12-14 [post] factor
Killer instinct 1993-11-16 [post+mail] boot, scan, stone, paper
Backstabber 1993-06-14 [EBS summer tournament 93] scan, stun, clear, gate
HeremPaper v0.9 1993-06-14 [EBS summer tournament 93] boot, stone, paper
Leprechaun 1b 1993-06-14 [EBS summer tournament 93] boot, scan, stone, stun, clear
The IMPire strikes back 1993-04-23 [Scott Adkins' warrior library] imp
Herem II 1993-02-20 [post] stone, stun, clear, boot, gate
Griffin 2 1992-11-26 [post] boot, scan, stun, clear, gate
Leprechaun 1b 1992-11-26 [post] boot, scan, stone, stun, clear
The IMPire strikes back 1992-10-14 [post] imp
trident 1992-10-14 [post] imp