Anton Marsden

P^2b 1998-03-06 [post] pspace
Electric Head 1997-07-02 [Core Warrior 59, post] pspace, clear, gate, boot, scan, stun, paper, stone
Simplicity 1997-04-14 [Core Warrior 58] scan, stun, clear
Gigolo (Beppe Bezzi, Myer Bremer, Anton Marsden) 1996-12-20 [Core Warrior 53] quick, scan, stone, imp, boot
Blur '88 1996-12-13 [Core Warrior 52] scan, stun, clear
Forty 1996-12-09 [Beppe's tournament round 5] scan, stun, clear, paper, imp
Surviver 1996-12-09 [Beppe's tournament round 4] quick, scan, boot, paper, vamp, stun
Bag of Tricks 1996-12-09 [Beppe's tournament round 2] clear, scan, boot
Damage Incorporated 1996-12-09 [Beppe's tournament round 1] quick, scan, stone, stun, clear, gate
Damage Incorporated 1996-11-04 [Core Warrior 49] stone, stun, clear, gate
The Machine 1996-10-28 [Core Warrior 48] boot, scan, stun, clear
Eggbeater 1996-10-07 [Core Warrior 46] boot, scan, stun, clear, gate
Probe 1996-07-29 [Core Warrior 40, Redcode Maniacs Tournament (round 7), Redcode Maniacs Tournament (round 8)] quick, scan, boot, stone, stun, clear, gate
Mirage 2 1996-07-02 [Core Warrior 36] scan, stun, clear
Blur 1996-07-02 [Core Warrior 36] scan, stun, clear
Blur 2 1996-07-02 [Core Warrior 36, Redcode Maniacs Tournament (round 9)] scan, stun, clear
Flurry 1996-05-27 [Core Warrior 31] quick, scan, stone, other, paper, pspace, gate, clear
Barrage 1996-04-22 [post] quick, scan, paper, pspace
Blizzard 1996-03-24 [post] quick, scan, paper
There may still be some bugs in this. 1996-03-20 [post] stone, stun, clear
Mirage 1.5 1996-03-14 [post] scan, stun, clear, gate