Justin Kao

Papyrus 13 1996-12-09 [Beppe's tournament round 4] paper, boot
Dwarf++ (A. K. Dewdney, Justin Kao) 1996-12-09 [Beppe's tournament round 3] stone
Yet Another Try 2LP 1996-12-09 [Beppe's tournament round 2] quick, scan, boot, clear
Yet 4b Clear 1996-12-09 [Beppe's tournament round 1] clear, stun, gate
HAL 9000 1996-11-11 [Core Warrior 50] clear, scan, stun
Acid Rain (J. A-Worth, Justin Kao) 1996-10-21 [post] clear
Dust 0.8 1996-10-14 [post] clear, imp
Dust 0.7 1996-10-13 [post] clear, imp
Paper Shredder 3500 1996-10-07 [post] scan, clear, stun
Papyrus 9 1996-09-13 [post] paper
Papyrus 6 1996-09-13 [post] paper
Ick v1.5 1996-08-04 [post] quick, scan, stone, boot, clear, stun, gate
Yet 4b 1996-07-16 [post] quick, scan, stun, boot, clear
v.1b This is a test of The Emergency Broadcasting System... 1996-06-12 [post] scan, clear, stun
Yet Another Try 1.0b 1996-06-12 [post] quick, scan, stun, boot, clear, gate