Randy Graham

Porch Swing + 1996-01-05 [post] boot, scan, stun, clear
Baby Swing 1995-12-15 [post, NSFCWT round 9] stone, scan, clear, stun
Illusion-94/55 1995-12-08 [post, NSFCWT round 8] scan, clear, stun
Slayer 1995-12-05 [post, NSFCWT round 7] quick, vamp, stun, clear, pspace, boot, stone, paper, imp
Maverick 1995-11-20 [NSFCWT round 6] other
Rand-Man 1995-11-11 [post, NSFCWT round 5] imp, stone
Consortium 1995-11-03 [post, NSFCWT round 4] sort
Consort 1995-10-31 [post] other
Aces 1995-10-27 [post, NSFCWT round 3] boot, clear
Eights 1995-10-27 [post, NSFCWT round 3] boot, stone
Circle of Friends 1995-08-17 [post] pspace, imp, stone, scan, boot, stun, gate, clear
People 1995-08-17 [post] pspace, boot, imp, scan, stun, gate, clear, stone
Porch Swing 1995-07-20 [posts, Core Warrior 12] stone, scan, stun, clear, gate
Illusion 1995-07-18 [post] scan, stun, clear
Swing 1995-07-14 [post] scan, stone, clear, stun
Building Blocks 1995-06-14 [post] boot, stone, vamp, stun, clear
Non Plussed 1995-06-12 [post] boot, stone, clear, paper
Comp-Hunter v2.2 1995-05-08 [post] scan, stun, clear, gate
Strahd the Night Hunter 1995-04-03 [post] quick, scan, vamp, stun
QComp-Hunter v2.2 1995-03-21 [post] scan, stun, clear
Cmp-Hunter 1995-02-28 [post] scan, stun, clear, gate
Qcmp-Hunter v0.5 1995-02-28 [post] quick, scan, boot, stun, clear, gate
Hunter v2.6 1995-02-22 [post] scan, clear, stun