Beppe Bezzi

Little scare 1999-11-02 [post, post] stone
stargate variant (Beppe Bezzi, Paul-Virak Khuong) 1998-07-13 [mail] clear, gate
dodger 1998-04-29 [Redcode Maniacs Tournament (round 6)] other, boot, clear, gate
Foggy swamp 1998-04-29 [Redcode Maniacs Tournament (round 5)] quick, scan, boot, stun, clear
Simple things do well 1998-04-29 [Redcode Maniacs Tournament (round 4)] pspace, boot, stone, clear, paper, scan, stun
Sorry Paul for stealing your code :-) 1998-04-29 [Redcode Maniacs Tournament (round 3)] scan, stun
Recycled paper 1998-04-29 [Redcode Maniacs Tournament (round 2)] paper
Tornado 4 1998-04-29 [Redcode Maniacs Tournament (round 1), Redcode Maniacs Tournament (round 7), Redcode Maniacs Tournament (round 8), Redcode Maniacs Tournament (round 9)] stone, gate, clear, stun
Gigolo (Beppe Bezzi, Myer Bremer, Anton Marsden) 1996-12-20 [Core Warrior 53] quick, scan, stone, imp, boot
stargate 1996-09-23 [Core Warrior 44] clear, stun, gate
gate c-ca 1996-09-23 [Core Warrior 44] clear, stun, gate
gate c-c2 1996-09-23 [Core Warrior 44] clear, stun, gate
gate c-c1 1996-09-23 [Core Warrior 44] clear, stun, gate
Jack in the box II 1996-07-23 [Core Warrior 39] pspace, stone, stun, paper, boot, gate, clear
Twister 1996-06-24 [Core Warrior 35] quick, scan, stone, gate, vamp, stun, boot
Rosebud 1996-05-27 [Core Warrior 31] stone, imp, boot
Tornado 3.0 1996-04-15 [Core Warrior 25] clear, gate, stone, stun
Memories 1996-03-04 [Core Warrior 19] scan, stun, clear
Jack in the (big) box 1995-12-20 [NSFCWT round 8] pspace, paper, stone, clear, gate
Rubber wall 1995-12-20 [NSFCWT round 5] pspace, paper, scan, stun, clear, gate
Marcia Trionfale 1.3 1995-12-20 [NSFCWT round 3] paper
Umbrella 1995-12-20 [NSFCWT round 2] clear, stun, stone
Rhino 1995-12-20 [NSFCWT round 1] paper, pspace, boot, stone, imp
La Bomba 1995-12-18 [Core Warrior 9] quick, scan, stone, paper
Provascan 2.0 1995-12-18 [Core Warrior 9] scan, stun, clear, gate
Provascan 2.0d 1995-12-18 [Core Warrior 9] scan, stun, clear, gate
Turkey 1995-12-17 [post, NSFCWT round 9] stone, imp
run and hit 1995-12-04 [Core Warrior 8, NSFCWT round 7] pspace, stone, vamp, stun, clear, paper, boot
Tornado 1995-12-02 [post] stone, clear
Bim bum bam 1995-11-19 [post, NSFCWT round 6] other
juliet and paper (Beppe Bezzi, Myer R. Bremer) 1995-11-13 [Core Warrior 5] pspace, stone, paper, boot, gate, imp
sort of sorter 1995-11-05 [post, NSFCWT round 4] sort
paper01o 1995-10-30 [Core Warrior 3, Core Warrior 60] paper
Qtest04 1995-10-28 [posted by mistake] quick, scan, stone, boot, gate, clear
Silk (Beppe Bezzi, Steve Bailey) 1995-10-17 [Core Warrior 1, Steve's Guide for Beginners 12, Steve's Guide for Beginners 13] paper
Paperone 1995-10-17 [Core Warrior 1, post] paper
test jtm10a 1995-10-12 [posts] pspace, paper, stone, boot, clear, gate, stun, imp
Jack in the box 1995-10-03 [post, NSFCWT round 3] pspace, stone, paper, clear, boot
Brain Wash 11 1995-09-29 [post] pspace, stone, paper, boot, gate
Know your enemy 1995-08-28 [post] pspace, stone, paper, clear, boot
Marcia Trionfale 1995-07-23 [post] paper