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This manual documents the release 1.07 of the Objective Caml system. It is organized as follows.


Objective Caml runs on several operating systems. The parts of this manual that are specific to one operating system are presented as shown below:

This is material specific to Unix.

This is material specific to MS Windows (NT and 95).


The Objective Caml system is copyright 1996, 1997 Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique (INRIA). INRIA holds all ownership rights to the Objective Caml system. See the file LICENSE in the distribution for licensing information.

The Objective Caml system can be freely redistributed. More precisely, INRIA grants any user of the Objective Caml system the right to reproduce it, provided that the copies are distributed under the conditions given in the LICENSE file. The present documentation is distributed under the same conditions.


The complete Objective Caml distribution resides on the machine Follow this link to access the distribution. More information on the Caml family of languages is also available here.

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