JoCaml on Windows NT

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This port is sponsored by Microsoft Research .

Here are simple instructions to get started:

  • Get the latest Cygwin Net release at and install it.
  • Get the latest version of Jocaml at, and extract it. To this end, use the tar tool provided by cygwin, since other tools may omit to extract empty directories needed for the compilation.
  • in the jocaml directory, type
    • ./configure
    • make world
    • make bootstrap
    • make opt
    • make install

How about graphics:
You simply need to install some X server and X include files before doing the ./configure.

  Tiny FAQ:

  • make world does not terminate when compiling num, or terminates with an error vfork: No more processes. Check if there is a directory named otherlibs/num/bignum/o. If it does not exist, either create it, or extract jocaml from the tar compressed file using tar.
  • make install does not do anything. Look if there is a file named "INSTALL". If so, rename it in "INSTALL.txt" for instance. (This problem seems to arise because the Windows file system does not make the difference between "install" and "INSTALL").
  • I get a "Program too big to fit in memory" error. Do you have the bin directory where jocrun was installed in your PATH ?
  • I get a "Thread deadlock" when I try to do anything (typically hitting "return" in the toplevel). Do you have a recent version of Cygwin installed ? This error used to occur with Cygwin B20, but does not anymore with the newest version of Cygwin.
  • I get a "Fatal error: cannot open pervasives.cmi". If you did not install the jocaml libraries in their default directory (eg if you specified a different installation path for the "./configure"), you need to set the "JOCAMLLIB" environment variable to the directory where the jocaml libraries are installed. To do this, simply type: export JOCAMLLIB=/usr/local/lib/jocaml with the library directory instead of /usr/local/lib/jocaml.

Contact address and bug reports: